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"I love how they're all so different!"

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"Happy as a pig in mud!"

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"Creativity is not my strong suit"

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"I'm only here for the bubbles"

Our instructions are not for experienced artists who have spent a lifetime honing their craft. They ARE for people who want to do something ridiculously FUN (that also happens to be incredibly good for your mental health). They're for people who would love to create something beautiful but aren't quite sure where to start.

What you get when you paint / draw / craft with us is a guide to creating something from scratch. We're not 'paint by numbers' because we want to show you HOW to do this yourself. Every time you do a kit, you will get better, you will learn a new skill. And you WILL create something beautiful. 

Trust me, friends, you CAN paint. Let us show you how.

Lena x 

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"Extremely easy to do & definitely fun!"

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"Totally out of my comfort zone!"

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Bubbles & Brushes Gift Card

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About Us

Come sit, sip and paint with us

Here at Bubbles & Brushes, we're all about having fun and making people happy, one kit and class at a time. Our mission is simple - to help people unlock their creativity and provide a healthy escape from the everyday. Whether that is attending one of our workshops in person, or using our kits to create some arty magic at home. 

The first thing we want to emphasise is you do NOT need to be able to paint AT ALL to enjoy what we do. This isn't a 'paint by numbers' approach, but it is mapped out step by step, so we guide you through the whole way. You can be super creative and go off-script if you want, or you can follow everything we do. Either way, we want to help you create something you can be proud of. 

We hope you enjoy creating as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

- Lena, Emma and the BB Team x