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elution rate carbons from gold ores

Comparison of elution methods for carbon loaded with gold ...

The best eluted carbon assays less than O. 2 mg Au/g C. Keywords Gold, thiourea, carbon, elution, alkaline thiourea, sodium sulphide, thiosulphate, carbon activity, elution rate constant INTRODUCTION Thiourea leaching of gold ores results in the formation of the gold thiourea complex, Au CS NH2 2 .Elution behaviour of metals from carbonELUTION BEHAVIOUR OF METALS FROM CARBON 475 Introduction Gold can be extracted industrially from ores by a variety of processes, and one of the most successful methods is the carbon-in-pulp CIP process. In CIP processing, ore is mined, ground, and leached with alkaline cyanidic solution to solubilize the gold as a gold cyanide complex.AARL Carbon Stripping System Operation: Elution and ElectrowinningOver the past year the gold extracted has averaged approximately 60 kg per day on a 365 day per year basis. Carbon feed grades have varied between 4700 and 900 ppm with corresponding final eluate as high as 500ppm gold but averaging nearer 200 ppm. Carbon feed rate has varied up to 35 tonnes/day, with an average of approximately 24 tonnes/day.

PDF Kinetics of elution of gold from activated carbon by ...

Recently, the adsorption and elution of PGM cyanide complexes onto activated carbon has also been demonstrated and is similar to the activated carbon process for gold. The stripping of adsorbed ...Copper Elution for increasing the Gold rate at the Loaded CarbonAbstract Temperature is the most important factor in the elution of gold cyanide from carbon, with approximately an order of magnitude increase in the elution rate for a 100 C increase. The ...Activated Carbon in Gold CyanidationActivated carbon is a critical component in the beneficiation of gold ore, allowing this widespread process to occur because of its ability to recover gold from the gold-cyanide complex. Depending on the deposit, some silver ores may also be processed via cyanidation. Here too, activated carbon is the alyst for recovery of this precious metal.

Carbon Adsorption of Gold

The specific appli ion of carbon adsorption to more complex gold and silver ores warrants the investigation into the effect of metallic ion interaction with gold adsorption. The individual ion effects on gold loading were measured at several different ionic concentrations. First the loading rate from a 4 ppm gold solution in deionized water ... DOC VAT LEACHING AND ELUTION PLANT - GOLD PROCESSING ...Usually 1 ton of carbon is loaded at one time which can be used to adsorb gold from several batches of leach trains of 5 to 10 vats depending on head grade of the ore. In cemented basin since there is no pumping, regular stirring of carbons to expose fresh surface area is needed.

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