How long does a session take?

Our events run for about 2-2.5 hours, depending on the painting and the size of the group (smaller groups paint faster).

Do you host private events?

We sure do! Just send us an email at hello@bubblesandbrushes.com.au and we'll get working on your event.

I received a gift voucher, what do I do?

Our voucher codes are loaded into our event booking platform, Humanitix, so you just need to pop through the code when you're checking out. Issues? Just email hello@bubblesandbrushes.com.au and we'll sort it out for you.

What is included in a session?

The ticket price includes all your painting materials, including apron, for the evening. We also provide a stencil for more complicated pieces so if you don't want to paint an outline freehand, you can trace it out instead. 

Can I bring my child to a session?

You can absolutely bring your child. We love having kids there as long as they're with an adult and not drinking (more bubbles for us). 

I have a ticket for tonight’s paint session and I’ve come down with a cold. I’d hate to spread my germs. Is there any way to organise a refund or something similar?

Our standard refund policy is 7 days notice required. This is because we have to put a lot of pre work into each and every one. We also require 48 hours notice for any ticket transfers or credits. We have temporarily waived this requirement for anyone who is self isolating in association with COVID-19.