How long will my order take? – Bubbles and Brushes

How long will my order take?


All of our art kits are made by hand to order in Orange NSW. As a small regional business, we don't have a warehouse full of supplies ready to send, we pack to order and send out. This means when we get busy it can take a few days for your kit to get sent out. 

At present, our packing time is: 7 working days.

We have had a delay in our supply of canvases that has resulted in packing delays. We apologise for any inconvenience. So please bear this in mind when ordering. 


Our freight partner is Aramex and their delivery times depend on where in Australia the package is going. You may want to use their delivery time matrix for a guide to your estimated wait time.

Aramex Delivery Times Matrix

Please bear in mind that severe weather events may impact your delivery times.

Can I put a rush on my order?

If you need your order for a particular event, please get in contact with us and we will work hard to ensure your package arrives before your event. If you don't communicate this with us, we can't know you have a particular date you need the kit by and we will not issue a refund for it not being delivered in time.