Tutti Fruity Tea Kit

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In the box:

  • Ceylon tea base with mango, papaya, apple, orange, mulberries, lime peel.
  • Tea strainer.
  • 3 large tea bags with blank stickers (same as your base tea bag size) to store and name your blends.
  • Tasting notes and health properties flyer. We've put together a little cheat sheet for you that contains some information about all the ingredients in your box as well as some blending and serving ideas. 

About the Brew:

This is all about you, so blend to your heart's content! All the ingredients in this box will taste great together, so you don't need to stress about getting it wrong. We've taken the guesswork out so there is no wrong combo! 


Additives? Nope. Synthetic flavours? Not one.
Found in nature? You bet!

At About the Brew, we're all about staying true to what tea should be. Tea is an ancient, humble and mindful ritual and that ritual should begin the moment you open your bag.

You eat first with your eyes, which is why we make all of our teas uniquely beautiful. So you can open your bag of tea and instantly smile, knowing that this stunning blend is all yours to enjoy.

We have curated our tea kits to be fool proof, so anyone from a tea novice to tea connoisseur can have a fun experience creating their own blends. 

Why? Because it's all About the Brew.